Biking along the country side

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Join  us biking in the in the country side, including two boat trips, a hot meal and a mountain top!!


As the only event company in the region we offer this unique and amazing bike tour in the country side along the well known 'Høgsfjord' which runs parallel to the famous Lysefjord.


About the tour


The guide will meet you outside the Stavanger touristinformation and walk you to the bikes. When you have a perfect bike for you, we heading the old fishing boat Rapp. 15 minutes biking trips. 


We start the tour with a marvelous boat ride in an old fishing boat to the small village of Lauvik. From the docks at Lauvik we can see straight in the Lysefjord.


This unique and wonderful bike ride runs along the water front. Our guide will take you through beautiful village areas where you will discover a beautiful and authentic part of Norway in just a few hours. You will see animals grazing in the pastures, farmers working in the fields. This is Norway at its best. You cannot get closer to countryside romance than this!


One last challenge

Before we take on the last part of the tour towards the small town of Hommersåk we will enjoy a good lunch right on the water front. "Naustene" at Bersagel will serve us traditional Norwegian cuisine with accompanying drinks. We guarantee a rustic and authentic Norwegian experience. After lunch we continue our ride towards beautiful Hommersåk. Hommersåk is a small countryside town right outside Stavanger. The people of Hommersåk live close to nature and the sea. The town has a small center with shops and a bakery.


This beautiful tour can be extended with one last challenge, a mountain top of 323 meters above sea level. From Hommersåk we continue out in the countryside toward the base of the mountain. We spend just under an hour on gravel roads toward the top of the mountain. From parking our bikes we'll spend about 40 minutes walking to the top of the mountain. We will walk on gravel roads and it is easily accomplished if you are in average good shape.

The view from the top is amazing, with a 360 view of the landscape including all nearby towns and villages. In clear weather we can even see oil field installations in the North Sea. Well worth the trip!


When we come back down from the mountain the last leg of the trip down to the fishing boat which will bring us safely back to Stavanger is on tarmac roads, slightly undulating but easily manageable for most in average good shape. We have manual bikes with many gears so we expect the tour to be easy for most participants. 

A partir de NOK 1'490

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