Hiking close to the North sea

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Kvitsøy is an island municipality in Rogaland county, Norway. Idyllic island of Kvitsøy lies far out on the fjord between Haugesund and Stavanger. It is the smallest of Ryfylke's municipalities.
At only 6.29 square-kilometer (2.43 sq mi), it is the smallest municipality in Norway by area. Kvitsøy is located in the traditional district of Ryfylke.

The tour begins with a ferry from Mekjarvik to Kvitsøy. This 40 minutes ferry ride is quite an adventure. To be outside during crossing over to Kvitsøy is outstanding, especially during bad weather with big waves. 

When arriving the islands, the guide will walk you to the "city center". Small white houses, idyllic narrow streets, quiet everywhere. 

Visit the lobster museum

The main exhibition deals with the story of the lobster, fishing lobsters and trading with them. Kvitsøy has long been known as a center for lobster fishing, but local fishermen also fish for herrings, sardines and shrimp. The sea has always been of fundamental importance for the settlement on Kvitsøy. The museum follows this theme with an exhibition on the daily life of an island fisherman. The museum also displays buildings and furnishings from a traditional fisherman's home as well as an exhibition devoted to boats and motors. In addition, the museum can boast of an extensive collection of equipment used in the fishing industry.

Guided tour in the moonscape

After visit the museum, the guide will take you to another univers. A hike between  the sharps cliffs, close to the waves, is terrifying with much wind. But, a must. Feel the wind, explore the waves and get saltwater in you hear. You are alive!

From NOK 1'450

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