Among elephants and lighthouse

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Three sword

From Stavanger city center, we follow the same track as the bike tour Three sword. When arriving at Three sword, Møllebukta bay, we will spend plenty of time walking around taking photos. We would recommend to bring some money for snacks and refreshment at Is Paradis. 


The guide will meet you outside the shop PAA HJUL at 9 am. The shop is located close by the Stavanger train station. Walking distance from the harbour where the cruise ships docks, is 10 minutes. 

The memorial of the platform Aleksander Kielland and Viste beach

After visiting Three swords, we continue on the same track as the Three sword tour. After a pit stop at the wall painting at Fluberget, we continue to the Hafrsfjord bridge and from there to the memorial of Aleksander Kielland. By the monument there is fenomenal and great view to the ocean. On the horizon we can see the islands Kvitsøy in west and the Karmøy land in the north. 

Alexander L. Kielland was a Norwegian semi-submersible drilling rig that capsized while working in the Ekofisk oil field in March 1980, killing 123 people. The capsize was the worst disaster in Norwegian waters since World War II. Read more

The black cave

The cave, probably formed during the last ice age, is almost 9 m deep, 5 m wide and 3 m high. The first people settled here around 6000 BC, and used it during various periods up until the age of migration, around 500 AD. From the memorial you will have a nice view of the North Sea. 

Lunch time

Next to white beaches and waves, we will be served lunch by the Viste beach hotel. Are you ready for some BBQ burgers or maybe Norwegian salmon?  

The country side to the lighthouse at Tungenes

From white beaches and open sea, the trip continues along the country side. We will passe by farms, fields and meadows. And yes, you will meet an elephant. 

The lighthouse at Tungenes

The lighthouse lies on the northern point of Jæren. The area around it contains cultural sites from the Stone Age up until World War II. From the lighthouse you will have the islands Kvitsøy in the west and the Karmøy land in the North. 

The lighthouse was established in 1828 and closed in 1984. The ligthouse master's house is from 1938, his assistant's house from 1957-58. There is an annex, machinery shed and boathouse. Tungenes Lighthouse is protected and restored to its 1930s appearance.

Heading back to Stavanger city center

After spending some time at the lighthouse, we heading south again. The track from the lighthouse start on asphalt and continue on gravel roads. On our way back to Stavanger city center we will pass by oil industry areas and typical Norwegian houses and surroundings. The track runs right by the sea, and perhaps we see some cruise ships coming to Stavanger or leave the city for new adventures? 

Everything has an end, also this long day biking. Of course we will finish this trip in old Stavanger.






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