Guided half day kayaking

Zur Buchungsanfrage

Join us for a half-day tour around our base camp Kalvøy Maritime Center. 


Like the full-day tour, the view from Kalvøy is a panorama of Stavanger in the West, and the high mountains of the inland in the East. Close-up to nature, when kayaking, you can explore the seabed underneeth, and the wildlife at the seaside. We might also see Harbour Seals, Porpoises, Mink and Sea Eagles during the tour.


About the tour

The high speed vessel will take us to the basecamp at Kalvøy, where we have our kayaks.

This 30 minutes ferry ride is quite spectacular. The boat moors at several islands before ending up at Kalvøy, which is the final destination and start point for the kayak-tour.

When arriving at Kalvøy, there will be a 10 minute walk on a gravel road to the dressing room. At Kalvøy Maritime Park there are toilet facilities. Before we enter the kayaks, you will change in to drysuits, neoprene shoes and life jackets. From the bay at Kalvøy we go south, or north, it depends on the wind. We are on the west-coast of Norway where the winds change frequently.


The English speaking guide and instructor will take you trough the wonderful landscape of small islands and reef, staying close to land. The length of the journey will be adjusted to your skill set.

Like all of our kayak-trips, wildlife is abundant. A lot of birds, and if we are lucky, we can see seal and mink.

Close to land, under your kayak, you can explore the seabed. If you paddle very quiet, you might see some fish and crabs. 


Clothing information:

While kayaking, you will wear a drysuit, neoprene shoes and life jackets. Use outdoors clothes in this activity.


What to bring:

  • A cap
  • Suncreem
  • Sunglasses
  • A bottle of water, can also be byed

What's included:

  • A high speed vessel to Kalvoy
  • Guiding, on the vessel and by kayaking
  • Drysuit, neoprene shoes and life jacket. 


Zur Buchungsanfrage


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